• 1. Sword Knots

    Specialized Sword Knots are being Molded by Special hands of our well experienced and skilled labor * 1st the fringe is being produced by hand by the specialized ladies. * 2nd the Fringe is being molded on the mold of wooden or plastic mold. * 3rd the Fringe is being Glued on the mold. * 4rth the lace on the above part is being fixed by the most skilled labor

  • 2. Hand Embroidered Badges

    Hand Embroidered Badges are produced by the unique labor available in the small areas of our town. This process depends on many steps as * Sketching the design on the Cloth * Pasting the Cutting on the sketch to get the exact duplication. * Embroidered the bullion on the sketch * After all the above, cleaning is the most difficult task and can only be done by a specialized personnel which are very rare now in this field.

  • 3. Metal Badges/Items

    Brass/Steel/Iron Badges are being processed in our special Hydrolic Cutting & Embossing Presses. Special sheets are being used to get the unique result. Die making is the main step in this process, Once you get the sketch then all depends on the Tool through which we can get our requirement. Brass sheet is being placed in between 2 Metal Tools. Then these are being pressed in the specialized full heavy Press to emboss the design on sheet After that we get the badge and it will go for the polish and Coloring required on the customer requirement (Gold/Silver/Brass/Antique).

  • 4. Officer Caps

    Officer Caps are the first that are being Noticed on the Uniform. There are also several steps to make these. 1st the Uper round shaped piece is being cutted as per the requirement of size. 2nd then the cutted round is being stitched with the inner Foam layer, so that it remains in a shape and can be molded softly for the gentle touch. 3rd the Most important step is the sizing of the inner side as per the head size required for caps. 4rth the Peaks is being stitched on the caps. Lastly the required ribbon is being placed on the Officer Cap (Red/Blue, Blue Black & Blue/White).